HWTrek Expands Global Distribution Channel Footprint for IoT Device Innovators

Industry-Leading Brands Enable Accelerated Go-to-Market Strategy for Entering the Largest, Fastest Growing Markets for Smart, Connected Devices

Taipei, Taiwan—February 15, 2017— HWTrek (Hardware Trek), the global open innovation and collaboration platform for hardware innovation, today announces expanded resources aimed at providing access to a wide network of global markets for smart hardware SMBs and startups with products ready for mass production. The distribution network now features both the most mature, high-value markets for consumer IoT devices as well as the exciting fast-growing ones including China, India, Japan, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“Together with our retail and go-to-market strategy partners and experts, we’re excited to bring a truly global market reach to IoT device makers that leverages the strength and power of the global distribution network and complementary resources of the HWTrek collaborative hardware development ecosystem,” said Lucas Wang, CEO of HWTrek.  “We want to help hardware innovators to launch globally after their first successful shipments, to fully seize the opportunity to distribute their products to a worldwide audience thereby reducing the time to access the world and ensure the leading value position and strength of their brand and products.”

Softbank +Style, Amazon Launchpad, JD.com PowerUp, and Brookstone Launch are among the E-commerce platforms that offer game-changing market entry solutions on the HWTrek platform to ease and accelerate market entry and brand awareness for developers of IoT devices.

“We expect more IoT innovator projects—with excellent ideas—through the HWTrek ecosystem,” said Jack Akita, responsible for the +Style Partner Alliance at Softbank. “Softbank is helping IoT startups to enter the Japanese market. Our goal is distributing their products to big scale businesses through the Softbank group. We are helping their distribution and marketing in the Japanese market through our +Style platform.”

Additionally, representatives of e-commerce, crowdfunding, and retail platforms are also members of the HWTrek ecosystem including Indiegogo, Kickstarter, Medion AG, The Grommet, Alibaba, Center Shoji, and the innovative retailer b8ta.

“Amazon Launchpad enjoys a strong working relationship with the team at HWTrek,” stated Jessie Chung, HWTrek Director of Business Development.  “We help them to promote the program among the many IoT companies that populate the HWTrek ecosystem.”

To complement these distribution channels, the HWTrek platform also features experts providing certification, localization, logistics, and design houses to help ensure that products are best suited and prepared for various global markets, and retail, market entry, marketing and public relations consulting services to inform go-to-market strategies.

“HWTrek helps the JD PowerUp program to better communicate with overseas startups,” said Ken Lin, Director of International Business Development at JD.com. “Silicon Valley, as a base of global IoT innovation, needs HWTrek as a bridge to connect to the fast-growing China market. We look forward to more new global enterprises to join the JD PowerUp program through the assistance of HWTrek, to quickly launch on JD.com and enter the China market.”

HWTrek’s cloud-based, collaborative Software as a Service (SaaS) platform is the first global, complete end-to-end hardware development ecosystem—a one-stop shop—for IoT hardware innovators collaboratively working to manage their product development, connect with manufacturing and supply chain industry experts, and bring their connected device projects to market.

HWTrek now connects more than 11,000 hardware creators that have created 2,800 projects on the platform to 2,150 trusted manufacturing and supply chain industry experts from Shenzhen, Taiwan, and Japan to rest of the world—from IC and sensor component vendors, tier 1 ODMs to small, skilled design houses—who have developed unique programs and solutions to assist the creators at all stages of product development. More than 3,000 inquiries have been successfully bridged with manufacturers and other experts.

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